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Karen Hudes Speaks to Freedom Central

November 20, 2013

Freedom Central questioned Karen about the global collateral accounts, and many other areas pertaining to a complete financial reset.


Neil Keenan Responds to the Fulford/Hudes Interview

Neil Keenan spends more than half of his time talking about the disinformation Karen Hudes recently made in an interview with Benjamin Fulford. Besides that, George and Nelu are the other updates he shares.

This is the interview that Neil Keenan is responding to:

The Changing of the Guard – Neil Keenan

Soekanto to Keenan: Cease and Desist


I was sent copies of this document by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.  I immediately ran them up the tree for verification and have been told by high up sources that the seal/stamps and notary are legitimate.

Several months ago I was informed that Neil Keenan is not in any way associated with the Global Accounts and Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto as he has led people to believe.  This information came from very high up sources.  Since then I have been given verification of this from several other sources.  I left the information alone and did not bring it forward until today.  After reading this document I have realized that it’s important for people to know this information so that they understand that not all is what it’s portrayed to be and that there is a lot going on that very shady to say the least.

As I have said many times before:  Many whom you think are good, are not good.

Here is a copy of the document, so that you can see it in it’s entirety.  I will post a second copy below that is a close up of the print so that it is more easily readable.

Edited Nov 28 9:03am edt:  Enerchi of Ascension with Earth has done an excellent job of putting the documents into a pdf – if you are having trouble reading the documents here I recommend going over HERE


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To my readers – about the so-called documents released on Removing the Shackles concerning Neil Keenan!!!


The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny – What You Need to Know – The Awakening is NOW!

Begin with this video, which is a one minute summation of what has been going on with the lawsuit filed by Neil Keenan.


November 24, 2011  -  Ben Fulford

The lawsuit that could end the gangster rule of Western civilization

A lawsuit was filed today (November 23rd US time) that could end the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at least the past 300 years. The lawsuit claims that close to $1 trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Board. The lawsuit was filed in New York by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian families. This filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA, the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services and has the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces of Russia and China.

The ultimate defendants in this legal action are believed to be the same cabal behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and many other major international crimes.

This particular lawsuit was triggered by the illegal detainment of two Japanese citizens,  Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, as well as the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy on June 3, 2009. After the bonds were stolen, self-described 33rd degree Freemason Leo Zagami contacted this writer and said the Montecarlo P2 masonic lodge could cash the bonds with the help of Vatican banker Daniel Dal Bosco. This writer forwarded the information, via a member of the UK Royal family, to the dragon family who entrusted a further $1 trillion worth of similar bonds to the plaintiff Neil Keenan. Keenan then, after much negotiation, entrusted the bonds to Dal Bosco.

Dal Bosco subsequently absconded with the bonds and was followed 24-hours a day by various intelligence service agents to see what he would do with them. The Dal Bosco trail led to the Davos World forum, the UN, the Italian government and the Vatican, among other places. Following this, Keenan was approached by a who’s who of powerful figures including top Vatican officials, Wall Street bankers, European nobles and former US presidents, most offering him astronomical bribes to go away. He was also poisoned with ricin and nearly killed.



December 2, 2011  -  David Wilcock’s Interview with Ben Fulford  -  CLICK HERE TO GO TO AUDIO FILE


December 12, 2011  -  David Wilcock

CONFIRMED: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

It could be the biggest, most explosive story in modern history. We are just starting to put the pieces together and understand what is going on in the occult financial geopolitical scene, and how a 117-nation alliance is working to free the Earth from financial tyranny.


As I write these words, the average person is coming face-to-face with disturbing, if not dire news.

Not only could the disastrous financial debacle of 2008 be about to repeat itself, it may even be a lot worse this time.
As of November 28, 2011, media outlets announced that we could be as little as ten days away from a complete collapse of the Euro — and with it, much of the rest of the world’s economies could be pulled down as well.

Yet another grandiose “bailout” maneuver was used to buy some time — but this has done little to address the gnawing unease in the public, particularly as the saber-rattling in the Middle East is again reaching a fever pitch.

This, at least, is the mainstream media’s perspective on what is going on — and thankfully, it is completely baseless.

In classic Orwellian terms — such as “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” — the mainstream media’s “Global Financial Collapse” cry of doom may very well be the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

At least in any known, recorded history.


You are about to dive into a story that, for quite some time now, has been nothing but a great-sounding idea — a wonderful “what if.” Almost nothing of this story could be found in the mainstream media.

However, the bizarre origin of the story did briefly find its way into FOX’s Glenn Beck show in 2009.

I highly recommend you watch this first, as it will draw you directly into the mystery — which flickered for the briefest moment in mainstream media, only to disappear into shuddering silence:

Notice that Beck says FOX contacted the Treasury Department about this case, and received an official blow-off letter in response — basically saying they had “no comment” on this 134 billion dollars in US bonds, seized at the Italian border, as it was “evidence in an ongoing investigation.”

Beck then goes on to put up the numbers of which countries hold the largest numbers of US bonds. In order, they are China at 763.5 billion, Japan at 685.9 billion, the United Kingdom at 152.8 billion, Russia at 137.0 billion and Brazil at 126.0 billion.

Based on the public, unclassified numbers, 134.5 billion dollars in US bonds could only have been produced by Russia, the UK, Japan or China… no one else. The amount of money is so huge that if Russia produced it, they would only have 2.5 billion dollars in US bonds left over!

Joe Wiesenthal, the editor of BusinessInsider.com, said that whether this was a government dumping its bonds or a counterfeit operation, it was “gigantic” in scope and “unlike anything we’ve ever seen — not just in size but also in sophistication.”

According to Wiesenthal, in order to counterfeit these bonds, “it would be the kind of technology you would expect only a government to have.” Wiesenthal also believes the 1934 issuance date on the bonds suggests they may be elaborate forgeries.



December 14, 2011

Project Camelot (Kerrie Cassidy) Interview with David Wilcock  -  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE AUDIO FILE

In case you had a hard time understanding what “Anonymous” said:

“We don’t need to investigate. We have ways and means of knowing everyone’s information, everyone’s computer. We don’t need a thing. We do it in a different way. We have no physical material requirements – at all. No machinery as you understand it.” 

“We’re the sort of folk that don’t follow you after the heart attack when you die son, we’ll be there on the other side to bother you again. Be assured that we can bother them just as effectively after the deaths of their physical bodies. And don’t talk about torture in this life, talk about torture in lives that go on for thousands of generations.” 

“Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you understand the depths of what we’re talking about? And this phone call is coming from so far beyond you could could never appreciate it.” 

You’ve got a friend in a very high place David. An all knowing, all seeing friend in a very high place (off world). Continue to do what you have been called to do. He told you to put it all out there. All of it, as long as it was truth. So do it. You got a green light from the company of heaven. That’s as good as it gets.


December 15, 2011

Strange Universe Interview with Benjamin Fulford  -  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE AUDIO FILE


December 15, 2011  -  Rayelan (rumormillnews.com)

David Wilcock Mentioned David Guyatt – I was one of David’s Source’s for the Information on the Philippine Gold Treaty


December 16, 2011



June 8, 2009  -  (Asia Times) US government securities seized from Japanese nationals, not clear whether real or fake

June 12, 2009  -  (Bloomberg) Japan Probes Report Two Seized With Undeclared Bonds

June 13, 2009  -  (Daily KOS) Japan, Italy, and U.S., 134 Billion in US Bonds Smuggling Case

June 16, 2009  -  (Underground Investor) The Strange Inconsistencies Behind the $134.5 Billion Bearer Bond Mystery

July 16, 2009  -  (Underground Investor) Possible Links to a Coming Bank Holiday in the Ongoing $134.5 Billion Bearer Bond Mystery

September 23, 2010  -  (Ben Fulford) The Trillion Dollar Crime Trail Leads to Davos and the United Nations

Filed November 23, 2011 – Summons (PDF) – Keenan v. Daniel Dal Bosco, et al 

December 5, 2011  -  (Courthouse News Service) Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion


Godlike Productions Thread:  Bizarre Lawsuit Claims for $1 Trillion Against the Vatican, Illuminati, Mason, Federal Reserve and Others