Learn the Truth

How and Why International Banker’s Make War

  • Click here for full length movie about the Federal Reserve & International Bankers

The American Form of Government

America is a Banana Republic – Not a Democratic Republic

The Criminal High Cabal:  The Reign of Lawlessness

The World Dominance Plot

The Nazification of America

10 Minute Guide to the New World Order

New World Order Prison Planet

Who Controls the Media?

Mind Control via Digital TV

Break the Matrix – Cancel the Super Bowl or America Dies:  Get Your Priorities Straight – MAN UP!  (video)

The Illuminati Tree (image)

Rick Steves’ Lecture:  The Truth About Iran

Learn the Truth About the Food You Eat!

What You Didn’t Know About the War

Wiki Answers:  Is George W. Bush a Criminal?

Bush Family Values Photo Album

The Destruction of American Education – And What We Must Do About It

John Pilgers Breaking the Silence:  The “War on Terror”

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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