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Red Orbs Sighted Over North Carolina – August 26, 2014

Japan’s Princess Nakamura – Alien Encounters, Enlightenment And World Peace

Japan’s Princess Kaoru Nakamura joins Buzzsaw’s Sean Stone and TheLipTV in this brand new video to talk about alien encounters, spiritual enlightenment and world peace. Princess Nakamura talks about her meeting with an Ashtar Commander from Venus who now travels around the universe meeting with the 12 ascended masters.

This video surely isn’t for everyone but for those who have been waiting for a new update from eclectic Princess Nakamura, this one is for you.

Mass Orange Orb Sighting – Chandler Arizona – Raw Video

Bashar – Meeting Extra Terrestials

Alex Collier 1994 – Andromedans, Pleiadians, Reptilians & Greys

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #331 – Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer on the Joe Rogan Experience.  This is a really, really interesting interview on the heels of the release of the movie, Sirius.


Day of the Contact 12-21-2012

I’ve been away for awhile because I’ve been dealing with my own “Twin Flame Journey”…  something that I need to focus more attention to on this blog.  Not only to help me, but also to hopefully help others who are currently on this journey as well.  I need to share more of myself and my experiences here, on this blog.

This video was recently posted by Cobra at the 2012 Portal blog.  It has me conflicted because I believe I resonated more with George Kavassalis’s message about “sending your light out” as opposed to “pulling in light” from other beings.  I will provide George’s video in this post as well.

Regardless of which message feels right, I think we can all agree that MUCH is taking place right now!

Sheldan Nidle 11-27-12…”It is time to rejoice and prepare to welcome these events as they manifest before your eyes!”


…your world’s governmental system of nation states is in reality an illegal perpetuation of the illegal modus operandi of the Roman Empire. All the present governments of your world owe their original sovereignty to ‘permission’ granted by the Pope, acting as stand-in for the Emperor of Rome. This de facto form of Roman governance is now ready to accede to a more legitimate, common-law version, in which sovereignty is truly returned to the people (its citizens). This change is already being proclaimed by means of a series of agreements that were recently signed off on by a group consisting of the original chieftains and shamans of your world. These registered changes to your legal governance are now ready to shift the governance of your planet to a whole new level. Many newly appointed officials authorized by these ancestral groups are to take the helm in this new governance and ensure the instituting of the new financial system and the formal disclosure of our benevolent presence in your skies.


The Day Before Disclosure

A few of the blogs I visit regularly are sharing this video that was posted to YouTube December of 2010.  I have to agree with Removing the Shackles..  just 3 minutes into it and I want to share it with you…

Dimension Training – UFO, Atlantis, Hollow Earth Evidence


Amazing Document – Extra Dimensional & Extra Terrestrial Entities

UFO Sightings Daily Doorway In To Planet Mercury

Agartha – Inner Earth Entrance 1st Movie ever – by Astraelia

Col Billie Faye Woodward says Agartha Entrance is …

Nazi Map of Hollow Earth/Agartha/Shamballa Discovered

A new view of the scriptures from the original language